A Driftwood Height Chart (Inspire Me DIY)


Here’s what I’ve been working on for my Inspire Me DIY project!  A Driftwood Height Chart for Conor’s room!


Did you guess it from the clues I’ve been giving you on Instagram this week?!?

This is is a really easy project but one I’ve been putting off!  I’ve actually had the piece of driftwood for well over a year.  I even packed it and moved it with us in our big move last year….

It is probably no surprise to you all that regularly follow the blog, but we love driftwood!  LOVE it.  We love looking for it on Egypt Beach and as you know we like to make signs and driftwood boats with it.

I shared these pretty ones last week:


So, I’d love to share how I did this easy DIY with you!

How to Make A Driftwood Height Chart


  • Driftwood (If you don’t live near the beach you can also use palettes or a wooden plank)
  • Tape Measure
  • Ruler
  • Number Stencil (only need these if like me you have horrible writing)
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brushes for detail work
  • White Paint
  • Screws for hanging


1. Measure where you want this piece of wood on your wall so your height chart is accurate.  It looked about right on the wall when the wood was 5″ from the ground, so I started the height chart from there.  He loves Mo Willems and his pigeon if you can’t tell from the poster in his hidey hole.


2. With a pencil mark notches for every inch and draw a longer line for feet (every 12 inches).

3. Take your stencil.  I got these from Decor Steals last year & I love them.


3. Line your stencil up and trace the number.  I made sure the stencils were aligned on the right side of the height chart.


4. Once you’ve traced all your numbers, you want to go back over them with paint. I used Chalk Paint® in Old White, but really you can use whatever you have on hand.  I just have lots of Chalk Paint at the house.


I like to line my numbers with the liner brush and then fill in with a shading brush.  The paint dried very quick and then we were ready to hang it up.

5. Make sure your height chart is lined up properly and plumb for your wall!  Luke helped me with this.  Now screw it in!  You may want to drill marker holes on the wall and use anchors, but we didn’t need to do this because we screwed it into the side of a wooden bookcase.

Now it is ready to be enjoyed and used!  The whole project took me 30 minutes.  Conor loved measuring his sweet lovies.  I’ve been informed that doggie and liony are each 3 inches.


Once it was up we all took turns measuring ourselves!  It was spot on for me 5 feet and a half inch.  I can’t believe John is almost my height (sigh).  At least it will take Conor a few years to get there!

I’m going to share more of Conor’s room this week! I was inspired by the girls to finish his room through this project.

Have we inspired you to work on a DIY project you’ve been putting off?


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  1. JaneEllen says

    Do you do anything that’s not great? All your projects are always spot on. You must have a never ending supply of drift wood. Love rustic look to height measurer, great for boys room.
    Do you live right by beach? Just being close enuf to get drift wood makes me envious, I am a bonified water nut.
    Conor is sure a cutie, watch out when he gets older Mom. I had no idea you were as small as you are. It’s scarey when the kids pass us height wise. At 14 oldest son was 5’4″, over that summer he shot up to 6’3 1/2″. Couldn’t keep him in sneakers or jeans. He works out all the time so is quite buff, I called him my oak tree. Ya get a neck ache looking up at him. Our other son is 6′ , he’s gotten kinda pudgy, no time to work out, he’s always working either in Singapore or at home. I haven’t seen him in about 2 yrs. so I go to their Facebook page to see how him and kids are.
    I always wanted to be little and petite, yeah right, my Mom called me big horse. I’m 5’4 1/2″ inches now. A few years ago I fell in our front yard in CA, have 2 collapsed vertebrae, lost 1″. Hard way to shrink I’ll tell ya, lol I was packing my Bronco 2 to go to CO river north of Yuma, AZ with a friend for Easter weekend, spent it in hospital instead, not a fun weekend.
    Glad to hear your Anniversary dinner was a good one with your boys. And I’ll be they were perfect little gentlemen. 12 yrs. Good for you two, still in love.

  2. says

    This turned out great Danielle! I’ve had this on my “to do” list for quite some time now as I’ve got some great pieces for it (and am tired of my kids using any Sharpie, crayon… they find to write all over our wall IN THE KITCHEN ~ lol) The ruler could serve double duty as it will hide all the evidence and give them something else to write on.

  3. says

    This is so cute for a boys room! I’m thinking about making some changes to my son’s bedroom this summer and this would fit right in with the theme! Pinning!

  4. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    How super cute! I love the rustic feel! And Conor is a sweetie!


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