Mind the Gap: John & The Tooth Fairy

“Mind the Gap”

I’m back!  Did you miss me and my ramblings?  I was going to share the photos from our amazing trip to St. John with you today.  That was until, I only got 2 hours of sleep and the photos are still on the camera.  Oh, and our big man’s tooth finally fell out.  I’m so glad we were back for such a momentous occasion.  His tooth has been loose for some time.  To my hubby’s dismay (for those who don’t know, Luke is very squeamish) John kept wiggling it everywhere he went.

He kept telling me that everyone at school’s tooth had fallen out and he was one of the last ones.  I know how he felt.  I remember really wanting to lose my teeth when I was little and it didn’t happen until second grade.  I even wrote to the tooth fairy to try and speed things up a bit.  For some reason that note actually worked.

Anyway, getting back to John’s loose tooth.  It was sore and moving about and he really wanted it out.  I thought it would definitely come out today, but it popped right out when he was brushing those pearly whites.  Conor, our 2 year old, was then trying to get his tooth out as well.

Snuggled into bed.

Unlike many boys John believes in fairies.  At least, he does right now.  You may remember me telling you in my first ever post:

My blog is called Finding Silver Pennies after a book my mother gave me when I was 11.  It is a magical poem book about fairies.  Silver pennies are very rare and according to the author, “You must have a silver penny to get into fairyland.”  It is really quite a beautiful book and has been such an inspiration to me over the years – keeping journals, writing poems and short stories growing up.  Hopefully, I can still keep the magic of fairies alive in my own life.  My son’s favorite movie is “Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue”.  He said to me, “Mom, you know fairies are real?”  I responded, “Really, how do you know?”  John with a twinkle in his eye said, “Well, the tooth fairy is real.”

So, John went to bed one happy boy with dreams of the tooth fairy dancing in his head.  He even left her a note, his tooth is in the silver pot he received as a gift at birth.

Tooth Fairy Pot

What about you?  Did you have any tooth fairy traditions growing up or do you do anything with your own children?




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