We’re on Holiday!

Family Beach Portrait

Hi Friends, I mentioned it on Sunday, but just wanted to say that we’re on holiday. The boys and I are in Spain for the next few weeks so things will be a little quiet on the blog.  I’m not sure if I’ll have an internet connection or not.  I’ll share photos on Instagram and…

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Timber!!!!  It isn’t very often that you have a crane in your driveway and you completely block street traffic. Actually, this was the first time for the crane. We blocked traffic at our old house with our GIANT moving sale. Well, this is what was going on yesterday.  There is more excitement today (but I…

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Let’s Step Outside

Buxton Blue Front Door and Shutters

Let’s step outside, shall we?!?  I feel like I’m always showing you inside but we’ve made some progress on the outside.  I’m saying some as we’re not all the way finished, but I just can’t wait any longer to share a few images with you. If you follow on Instagram then you probably already saw this one!…

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Summer in the Dining Room

Coastal Inspiration

As I write this we’re getting thunder showers and torrential rain.  Not exactly the summer I had envisioned. The boys and I are having the best summer despite the rain.  It is lovely to have relaxed mornings where we can take our time to get going or we can just plan the day for how…

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