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My sunny kitchen has been getting on my nerves lately.  Not only is it doing double duty as my furniture painting studio (it has the best light and the most space in the house), but everything about it is getting a little tired.

I love the color, Light Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Of course, I do because I picked it.  But the original 1960s cabinets are falling apart, the slate counters look great when oiled, but when they aren’t look a bit dry and water stained.  The oven, well, a double oven and a hob would be fantastic.  I know, I’ll stop my moaning and instead of showing you photos of my current kitchen, shall we day dream together?

If a kitchen could drop out of the sky (a la the Ikea ads), I would love the following:

White cabinets like Layla and Kevin’s of the Lettered Cottage.  They were the first blog I followed:

via The Lettered Cottage

I would love, love, love a rustic, reclaimed farm table.  I’m dropping a huge hint to my hubby here.  Isn’t this one from White Flower Farmhouse beautiful?

via White Flower Farmhouse

I love the idea of a huge chalk board for the boys to create masterpieces on, not to mention space for me to write all my “to do” lists (and there are many):


I also love that massive, rustic island and the glass pendants are gorgeous.

There would be a rustic hutch filled with white pottery just like this one:

A gorgeous range and white subway tiles, like the one featured in House and Home:

Via House and Home

Glass cupboards and a farmer’s sink:

via For the Love of  a House

A pantry that I could fill to the brim with all the snacks and sippy cups that currently topple out and fall on my head!  And finally, a cozy window seat to cuddle up on with my boys or to sit and sip afternoon tea while reading or looking at design magazines:

via pinterest

It would have lots and lots of over stuffed and homemade pillows:


So that currently is my dream kitchen.  I have a feeling that it isn’t going to drop from the ceiling anytime soon and my kitchen will still be filled with furniture waiting to be painted.  But I thought you and I could day dream about what it would look like if it did!




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      Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m not sure about the built ins on their side, but I guess it would make more of the space in terms of storage :)

  1. says

    Love every single inspiration Danielle, they’re all gorgeous.
    I’m happy with my little kitchen, but would dearly love a bigger space with an island and marble counters.
    As you said, one can but dream !

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    You picked some great kitchens to have on your mind. I could have kitchen envy too, mine is dated in spots as well.


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