My Amazing Day with Annie Sloan

Meeting Annie Sloan!

In life it is very rare to meet someone famous that you really look up to.  An idol if you will.  If you do meet that person, it is very rare for them to be as wonderful and as gracious and as funny as you imagined them to be.  I am so happy to tell you that Annie Sloan is the real deal!  She is all I expected and even more.

My day with Annie (I hope she doesn’t mind the first name basis) started with a demonstration of different techniques and a discussion of color and some history thrown in.  As many of you know, her colors are gorgeous.  She talked a bit about their names and about the cities that inspired them.  I especially love that a shop in England calls the color Abusson – Roy – like Roy Orbison.  She related her paints and colors to spices and herbs.  Each are a little different and all having different weights.  They are beautiful separate but can be mixed to make something beautiful and unique, too.

She is so enthusiastic and has so many plans for her company.  So many fun products are coming our way.  I got to see her new paint brushes that will be on sale in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these!  The paint is meant to just glide with them:

I also got to see some gorgeous fabrics that Annie will be bringing stateside:

Annie talked a lot about going with the flow.  About taking a piece of furniture and working with it and not making things too difficult for yourself.  Painting should be fun, right?  Her motto is to paint from your gut and not your head.  I thought this was really good advice.  You may have an idea of a color you want to use on a piece and it is totally wrong once you get it on there, but that is okay.  Happy accidents are good and accepted :)

Many people had questions about Annie’s clear wax.  This is an essential component to her paint.  It seems that people here in the states have been putting it on too heavily.  She gave the analogy of putting on hand cream.  “You apply hand cream and wipe it off and rub it in.  That is what you are supposed to do with the wax.  Put the wax on once the paint is dry and rub it in.  It should feel dry when finished and not wet.”

After the fabulous talk with Annie, we split into smaller groups for a hands on painting class.  Mine was led by Celeste  Blumenauer (of Catfish Creative Furnishings) who was so funny!


Chris Kimmel (of Five and Divine) also taught us.  It was a really great class.  We learned the modern technique with Provence.  I can’t believe how smooth the finish on this is, possibly smoother than a baby’s bottom:

The rustic technique using Barcelona Orange.  Isn’t that a fun color:

Two color distressing with Old White and and Country Grey:

Lastly a soft gilded finish over a very gold frame using Antoinette:

Many people ask why I love Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.  I love it because of all the effects you can create.  I love that it is low VOC.  I love all the beautiful colors and that they can be mixed to get different shades.  But most of all, I love that their is no prep work.  I don’t have loads of time.  I have two kids who need my attention, my husband and a dog that needs to be walked.  Annie gets this.  With her paint there is no waiting.  She jokingly said yesterday, “There is no waiting [wax once the paint is dry].  We have too much furniture to paint to wait around.”  With Annie’s paints you can get that piece done and back in its place and dinner on the table in a day!

Annie returned to talk to us in our individual classes and answered more questions.  We then enjoyed a book signing and cocktail hour.  Annie gave everyone that individualized attention.  You really felt like you were special.  I talked a bit about how beautiful Cornwall was with her.  It was really a fabulous day yesterday.  A huge thank you to Celeste and Chris for the amazing class.  It was also great to catch up with my friend, Nancy Chace, of the Sea Rose Cottage who organized registration and also taught.  Thanks to Annie Sloan Unfolded who organized the event in Boston.  Finally a huge thank you to Annie herself.  She is a class act and so humble.  Yesterday was my brush with greatness!  I truly enjoyed meeting you, Annie!

Annie signing my book!




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    Danielle, It was so great to see you yesterday! I’m glad you had the opportunity to attend the event and meet Annie and the whole crew. What great fun! Your sample boards look amazing. I am so glad you enjoyed the experience as much as I did!

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    Fabulous post! Really enjoyed reading it as well as all the great pics! I love ASCP and reading everyone’s stories from seeing her on the tour!

    I even get the chance to share my “furniture rescue” stories on each Thurs. I use Annie’s paint on everything!

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    Hello Danielle!

    I assigned you to a breakout room…remember me? I loved meeting all of you who came out to meet our Annie. She is lovely isn’t she? So happy you enjoyed yourself and your sample boards were beautiful! I am a regional stockist under Celeste..she is a hoot !

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

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      Janet, it was so great to meet you in person after reading your blog! Thank you all for organizing such a wonderful day. I feel so lucky to have met Annie. She’s lovely and so talented. Loved Celeste, too. So funny. Great, great day!

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    And I am glad you met janet – she is a hoot 2. It was such great fun to have you there – I never got a chance to ask about your camera – as I am restarting in the blogola world. I will ask you about that and thanks for bringing such a constant sweet smile to the group 😉

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      Janet was so lovely! So fun to have you teach me on Monday. Thank you for the great class. I don’t have a fancy camera. Sometimes use my phone and sometimes my sony. Wish I could be more helpful in that dept. Thanks again!

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    How wonderful that you were able to attend this! I just purchased my first jar of Graphite Chalk Paint, Clear Wax, and a brush. I’m trying to get the courage up to start on my kitchen.. Graphite under the white marble and white cabinets over the black granite. Every blog I read says 2 coats of paint, a little hand sanding if you like, and then wax. After talking to companies that paint cabinets, I’m nervous to do it on my own.


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      Leslie, I love graphite. Such a great paint you can do so much with. People talked a lot about the cabinets they’d done at home. Annie’s are painted with it too. She suggested two coats of paint and then three thin layers of wax. You may want to email your stockist just to double check or I’m one of the stockists who commented could help you to (Nancy, Janet and Celeste). Good luck. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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    great to meet you Danielle as well. What could be better than spending the day with Annie Sloan, learning how to use the paint and making some new friends.

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    I’m so glad you decided to go Danielle! It seems like it was a fabulous event and it was great hearing you talk about it!

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