It is Sew!

It is Sew!

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Remember a few months back when I made those Target tea towel pillows and my neighbor gave me loads and loads of fabric?  Well, I wished for a sewing machine.  Guess what I got for Christmas?!?  I’ll give you a big hint, it will come in useful for all this fabric:

My boys, my lovely boys, surprised me with a Janome sewing machine.  
It is very fancy (I think) and I don’t even know how to use all the functions.  It has 30 stitches!  An automatic needle threader and a very long manual.  It is very much fancier than the one I used at my internship at the North Shore Music Circus or in the Costume Department at Mount Holyoke.  I hadn’t used a sewing machine since university.
I took it out of the box the other day and  thought I should practice on some fabric I already had (just in case).  Here is the little pillow I made:
Not exactly perfect, but I think it looks sweet with my Duck Egg Blue chair.  I’m so excited to tackle more projects.  I know some of you are very talented with sewing so would be grateful for any tips, advice and sewing tutorials.  Please send them all my way!


  1. The Boston Center for Adult Education has a great series of sewing classes, good luck with your new hobby!

  2. Oh, cool. I’ll have to check that out. I know there is a place in Cohasset and Hingham, too.

  3. How fun sewing! Sewing opens up a whole new world :) Atleast it did for me! I like the chair :)

  4. Jessica, I made some more pillows last night. Thanks!

  5. Oh wow!! I got a sewing machine for Christmas too!! It will be fun to see what you start making with yours! I have to admit I’m still a bit intimidated, although my first few projects have worked out _mostly_ OK!

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