That Old Minot Magic

Pirate Captain John (age 1) patrolling the beach in January

 Minot is a beautiful part of Scituate.  I love walking the dog and kids around this breath-taking neighborhood.  The homes are reminiscent of old Summer houses with rolling green lawns which stretch down to the water’s edge.  The fragrance or Rosa Rugosa (beach roses) perfume the air and remind me of times spent on the Vineyard and Nantucket.  The homes in Minot have that same Nantucket feel – weathered cedar shingles, flagstone chimneys, wrap-around porches.  In Minot, I feel like I’ve been transported back to the 1950s.  Children playing in their yards, a quick game of kick ball or baseball in the street while parents sit on their screened in porches reading the paper or sit on wooden adirondack chairs sipping chilled pinot grigio.  Everyone is so friendly up there, too.  We’ve met so many people on our walks over the passed four years.

I love all the streets up in Minot, but I particularly love walking down Grasshopper Lane (not a day goes by that I don’t admire the carriage house with the grasshopper on top) and Ocean Avenue with the old leafy trees that line this long street.

Minot Beach is my family’s favorite.  We can pull the kids in their red wagon up to the beach or we can be lazy and take the car.  The beach is truly magical with its powdery sand and tidal pools.  My kids love searching for hermit crabs, lobsters, star fish, snails and rocks.  John is particularly skilled at catching hermit crabs and he loves making homes and shelters for them out of sand.  Conor enjoys feeling the sand between his toes and knocking down the drippy castles John and I make.  Minot Beach is very safe for families and young children because the tide isn’t strong due to the tide pools.  Many love to climb the rocks (John isn’t allowed on them) and like to slide down Well Rock.  At high tide the waves get bigger and it is fun for surfing and boogie boarding.

A favorite book of our’s  The Boy Who Caught a Star by Oliver Jeffers.  Every time we look for star fish on the beach, I’m reminded of this book and the boy who found a star of his very own.

My kids, and all their friends, can play on this beach for hours on end.  Pretending to be pirates searching for treasure, architects constructing towering castles, sharks or sea monsters swimming in the surf or the Kratt Brothers exploring the sea life.

Minot Ledge Light sits majestically out in the middle of the ocean flashing 1-4-3 light pattern, known in town as “I love you”.

Minot, it is true.  I love you.  My family does, too.