Poppy amongst the violets

Meet Poppy!  We also like to call her Pop-ilicious because she is just so delicious and as yummy as bubble gum.  She joined our family in January 2011 and we can’t quite remember what life was like without her.

Shortly after Conor turned one, I started getting broody.  I knew I couldn’t handle another boy running around the house, never mind a 3rd c-section.  John had been wanting a yellow lab since he could talk.  One morning he woke up and said, “Mommy, I just dreamt about my dog.”  I said, “Oh, really?  What did it look like.  Why don’t we look on the internet at pictures of dogs.”  John immediately pointed to a beautiful yellow lab.  I sighed.  We had talked about a dog, but had always thought we’d wait longer.  He kept talking about his dog when I was expecting Conor.  Even telling them at preschool that he was getting a dog (which was not true).  We got him and Conor stuffed ones from Ikea, but that certainly didn’t curb his pleading.

I saw a dog listed at Scituate Animal Shelter and said to my husband, “Wouldn’t a dog be nice for the boys?  Let’s contact the shelter.”  He grudgingly agreed probably knowing how stubborn I am.  Anyway, I was informed this dog wouldn’t be good with kids.  I saw this as a minor set back.  Everyone knows when I get something in my head, well, I get slightly obsessed.  I also started feeling like it was a good time for us as Luke works from home and I’m home with the kids so someone would always be with a puppy.

Meeting Poppy at the Shelter

So I continued.  I researched online visiting sites like Lucky Lab and Adopt a Lab multiple times a day and just couldn’t believe how many dogs needed to be adopted.  My heart broke looking at all these beautiful animals that needed a home.  I was surprised to learn that black dogs were more likely to be euthanized than other dogs.  During my three month search, I learned about Animal Shelter, Inc in Sterling, MA and checked their website constantly.  Everyone told us to wait until spring or summer to get a dog, but we just couldn’t wait that long.  The week after New Year’s came and the shelter had about 30 puppies ready for adoption, many of them Lab mixes.  I saw the picture of Poppy with her sister online and knew she was our dog.  I told my husband that we had to all drive to Sterling, MA (quite a long distance from our house) to make sure the puppy would be a perfect fit for our family.  We got there an hour before they opened to be greeted by a locked gate.  We turned around and got some supplies from Dunkin’ to tide us over until 11am.   The volunteers at were so great at Sterling.  They spent so much time with us and we instantly fell in love with Poppy.  She was 12 weeks old then and was so lovable and little.  She is a flat-coat retriever mixed with a lab so her coat is super soft and she has fluffy feather ears.  She is so gentle with the kids and she never ever barks.

One of her favorite places!

Poppy and Conor immediately formed a bond.  Conor would always go into Poppy’s crate and lay with her.  John loves throwing the ball to her in the yard or walking with her on the beach.  Poppy is absolutely in love with Luke.  When he goes out to softball or sailing she is always staring out at the window, waiting for him to come home.  I absolutely love my little girl.

In June we raised over $400 for the shelter and took part in the Whisker Walk.  It was so great to meet the people from the shelter in Virginia which originally saved her.  I’m still trying to find the family that adopted her sister.

If you are interested to learn about Animal Shelter, Inc in Sterling.  This is a great video.  They really have done so much for the animals, but really need more funding.  We hope that many more animals find some great homes.

We are so lucky to have Poppy in our lives.  The boys are learning so much by looking after her and we all enjoy her unconditional love.  So happy her forever home is in Scituate with us.

Please feel free to post a comment about your family pet.  I love reading stories about animals.