Meltdowns on the Beach

John & Conor on Egypt Beach

I’m not talking about the the humidity we endured last week.  Not the 110 degree heat that I suffered through under the South Shore Music Circus tent to watch The Wiggles (I don’t even want to think about how Wags the Dog or Dorothy the Dinosaur coped).  No I’m talking about full blown toddler tantrums complete with starfish arms, thrashing sand, screaming, red faces.  I’m sure other parents can relate to this.  The beach is great up until it is time to leave.  Leaving the beach is the worst.

All that sand in the toys that you have to some how rinse out and figure out which ones are your toys while also rounding up the troops.  No one wants to leave the beach, but it is time.  Yikes!  Here it comes….   Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!  Kicking, Screaming, Tears.  The beach tantrum is the worst because it is exasperated by your embarrassment while others look on either in sympathy or annoyance (depending if they have young children or not) and the heat.  I find that I am so HOT and bothered that this is the last thing that I want happening.

Anyway, to make a long story short.  We had one of those days today with my sweet, little adorable Conor.  Terrible Twos here we come!  “NO” is the current favorite word.  Need I say more?  No.




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    Today we had the Mall tantrum. I didn’t have a stroller for Blake so I’m carrying him the whole time, then Rylan freaks out about KETCHUP and all of a sudden, we’re walking, he’s pulling my skirt down in front of everyone, screaming and throwing himself on the floor. Fun day!! Sorry had to vent :)

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