Joy Rides and Antiques

Conor, my treasure hunter.

When I was a little girl, I used to always go antiquing with my mom.  She would drive her big, light blue Chevy Monte Carlo up to places like Georgetown and Rowley, invariably getting lost on the way.  In the back seat I cry out, “Are we there yet.”  Mom would reply, “We’re on a joy ride, Danielle.”

We had many great joy rides as we’d get LOST a lot, but it was so much fun.  I used to love going to these places and poke around looking for treasures.  One time I found a real gold heart in a pile of junk.  My mom couldn’t believe it.  She still has it on a bracelet today.  Another time, I found a barrett with curled hair going down the back, something like PollyAnna would have worn.  We were going out for dinner one night and I had this in my hair and my dad asked, “Did you go to the hairdressers?”

I was brought to so many yard sales when I was little I used to think people sitting outside enjoying the sun at nursing homes were having a yard sale.

To this day I love going to yard sales, consignment stores, junk shops and antique stores.  I love rummaging and trying to find a treasure.  For me it isn’t just buying something it is the thrill of looking at all these great and wonderful things.

Conor busy in the vintage kitchen

Yesterday, Conor and I went to one of my favorite antique stores, Salvage Chic Antiques on Main Street in Pembroke.  It isn’t easy to find coming from Scituate and you need to travel down many winding roads but when you finally get there it is wonderful.  Conor was so excited to help me look around the store.  Yesterday, Salvage Chic was having a 25% off everything sale.  Outside they have old buoys, adirondack chairs, signs.  Inside is a wonderland filled with painted chippy furniture, knick knacks, small toys, tools, nautical equipment, old photographs. 

Christine and Claudia are wonderful and so easy to talk to.  Both got a kick out of my little man helping me shop yesterday.  It was so much fun scouring the store for vintage and unique finds.  Christine has the shop set up so there is different sections: nautical area, powder room antiques, vintage kitchen, industrial and kids area with many childhood favorites.

Here are the treasures we found on this trip:

A great vintage chip and dip bowl with hand painted details.  This will be great for my next book club gathering or impromptu cocktails on our deck.

An old buoy for Conor’s room  We are getting ready to set up Conor’s big boy bed soon and this will look great in his new nautical inspired room.

Aren’t these vintage globes great?  The one on the left is from the 40s and the one on the right is probably from the 70s.  Right now I have them on a book shelf I painted for the kids, but I’m thinking of doing something similar to this (once I’ve collected more) –

decorating with globes

I love how the globes pick up the light blues, neutrals, white and gold tones of the room.  So beautiful.

Finally, this is Conor treasure from yesterday.  He carried this tightly in his little hand.  When it was time to leave he wouldn’t let it go. The leopard watched over Conor while he slept last night.

Conor’s china leopard.

I’ve found so many other great things at Salvage Chic Antiques.  I’m currently sitting typing at my desk that I found there about a year ago.  Its an old library table with great curved legs.
And here is a French blue coffee table I picked up there:
After shopping at Salvage Chic we went next door and enjoyed a huge slice of pizza (probably was about half a pizza size) for $2!  Both Conor and I had a great day.  If you like looking for treasures and finding some unique items for your home, I highly recommend a trip to Salvage Chic.  You won’t be disappointed.